Would you like to live here sometime? Long ago I wondered about the possibility of studying here. Besides England, it was an emergency choice for me, so I was interested in how he lived here. I thought there would be no good life, but after reading a few pages and watching videos on Youtube I came to the view that I was wrong. I was even surprised that in the summer the Danes bathed in the sea.
Have I lost anything?
Finally the offer fell and I decided to college in the Czech Republic. Personally, I do not think I have lost anything, even though the country surely has its merits. I'm glad to be home here, but on Denmark my gaze changed. According to the videos, the local people will come friendly. It is also impossible to omit the famous writer Hans Christian Andersen. If you know the Danes or would like to have something from this country, consider buying the fireplace stoves that are from there. The history of the company is also interesting.