In every cone of our ice cream, you will feel the summer and the holidays. It doesn't matter whether summer or winter, because every meeting with our ice cream is completely adorable and intimate! Whether yellow, brown or white, the pleasure you will give you is not forgotten. Vanilla for mum, cocoa for dad, fruit you promise yourself, enough has been cirate! The ice cream, it's a raspberry!
Recipes verified, for you again improved! Do you have a happy family-father and mother? If so, we'll give you a quick ice cream. For your sweet tongue-in the cornouties colored caps. Do not let it dissolve and the baby in the stroller when it starts, also give it a taste-it stops shunks-it gets hungry! Draught ice cream-and that's it!
Our ice cream will make you a delight to your tummy!
But be careful-your sweet tongue is waiting for you, in addition to more than 60 kinds of ice cream, also diliged bees. Draught ice cream-vanilla, strawberry, raspberry. Good taste!